Corporate News – 02 December 2022

Aves One AG participates for the first time in the ESG sustainability rating GRESB and gets an above-average score

Hamburg, 2 November 2022 – Aves One AG, an owner of durable logistic assets specialising in freight wagons, has participated for the first time in the prestigious GRESB Infrastructure Asset Benchmark Rating. Scoring 80 out of 100 in the GRESB Score 2022, Aves One achieved a rating that is slightly above the average of all infrastructure companies or funds assessed.

“The above-average score that we achieved when we voluntarily participated in the GRESB benchmark rating for the first time shows that we are also on the right track in the area of sustainability. We are continuously working to further improve at the three levels of environment, social and governance. In so doing, we support the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, which are intended to ensure a sustainable development worldwide on economic, social and ecological levels. I am particularly proud of the scores we achieved in the environmental and social areas. Here we already scored better than the GRESB and benchmark average”, commented Tobias Aulich, Member of the Management Board of Aves One AG.

Aves One chose to participate in the global GRESB benchmark rating in order to reliably measure and compare its sustainability performance. GRESB is an independent and renowned organisation that provides investors and managers with validated ESG performance data and benchmarks to improve their business intelligence, industry commitment and decision making. The GRESB Infrastructure Assessment serves as a basis for systematic reporting, objective assessment and benchmarking of ESG management and performance of infrastructure assets. For more information on the GRESB Infrastructure Asset Assessment, see