Corporate News – 21 October 2021

Aves One AG acquires 1,000 new swap bodies with an investment volume of around EUR 10 million

Hamburg, 21 October 2021 – Aves One AG, an owner of durable rail assets, has acquired 1,000 brand-new swap bodies for intermodal freight transport with an investment volume of approximately EUR 10 million. Delivery has already begun and is scheduled to take place successively until the beginning of the next financial year. The swap bodies have been leased out on a long-term basis to the Hamburg logistics company Hermes. These assets are interchangeable cargo carriers that can be transported on different types of transport vehicles and are specially equipped for the needs of courier express parcel service providers (CEP).

Aves One AG’s fleet of swap bodies is virtually fully leased out. The high demand for swap bodies is due mainly to the continued growth in e-commerce sales. Not least due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the role of e-commerce in the supply of goods to the population has been significantly enhanced, increasing by approximately 14.6 % in the last year alone.

“With the additions, we have further modernised our swap body portfolio and see ourselves well positioned in this attractive niche market in the long term. In addition, with Hermes we have acquired a long-term lessee with a strong credit rating for the new assets. The swap body portfolio is a strategic complement to our core rail business. With a consistently high utilisation rate and constant cash flows, it is an integral part of our growth strategy”, commented Tobias Aulich, Member of the Management Board of Aves One AG.