Corporate News – 14 December 2020

Aves One equips its freight car fleet with whisper brakes to reduce noise

Aves One AG, a strongly growing holder of long-life logistics assets, has already equipped 95% of its fleet with so-called whisper brakes. All freight cars running on the German rail network have thus been converted. This leads to a noise reduction which is perceived by the human ear as halving the noise.

"By converting our portfolio to whisper brakes, we are contributing our share to reducing noise emissions and thus improving the quality of life of the people affected. In doing so, we are leading the most environmentally friendly mode of transport, rail, into the future, both ecologically and socially," says Tobias Aulich, member of the board of directors of Aves One AG.

The whisper brake reduces noise at the noise source

The decisive element for the noise reduction of a freight car are the rolling noises. The smoother the surfaces of rail and wheel, the quieter the rolling noise. While braking with older, metallic grey cast iron brake pads roughens the running surfaces of the wheels, this occurs much less with more elastic composite brake pads as it counteracts the noise directly at its source and can reduce it by up to 10 decibels.

The legal regulations for the so-called "quieter routes" will come into force throughout Europe in 2024. In Germany, these include all the main traffic routes of the long-distance railway network. From the end of 2024 the use of freight cars without whisper brakes on these routes will be prohibited. Germany is one of the pioneers within the European Union. The use of whisper brakes is obligatory in Germany under the Rail Noise Protection Act (SchlärmschG) which came into force yesterday.

Aves One has one of the youngest and most modern freight car portfolios on the European market. As a result of the retrofit, the portfolio will no longer be significantly affected by retrofitting costs for the whisper brake.