Corporate News – 03 September 2020

Aves One AG expands Rail portfolio with state-of-the-art intermodal wagons with a transaction volume of around EUR 14.5 million

Aves One AG, a strongly growing holder of long-life logistics assets, has expanded its rail portfolio by acquiring intermodal wagons with a transaction volume of around EUR 14.5 million.

The intermodal wagons of the type "T3000" are only one year old, fully leased and are managed by the Lucerne-based asset manager Wascosa. The T3000 is a state-of-the-art articulated wagon which is especially suitable for the transport of megatrailers. This type of wagon was particularly in demand during the initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, as trucks were not allowed to cross national borders, or only to a limited extent.

In addition, the wagons are also used, for example, to transport standard semi-trailers, large containers and swap bodies. Aves One has entered into the existing financing contract of UniCredit Leasing Austria. This is the first cooperation between UniCredit Leasing Austria and Aves One.

"With this transaction we are continuing the embarked growth course in the Rail segment. The demand for intermodal wagons is currently very high. We expect this trend to continue, as this type of wagon allows goods to be shifted more efficiently from road to rail," explains Jürgen Bauer, member of the Management Board of Aves One AG.