Corporate News – 26 March 2019

According to preliminary calculations, Aves One achieves sustainable profitability in the past fiscal year 2018 and expects a strong fiscal year 2019

  • Group sales increase by 45 % to EUR 77.4 million
  • EBITDA reaches EUR 54.6 million and is thus 88 % higher than in the previous year
  • EBT adjusted increases significantly to EUR 5.3 million (previous year: EUR -15.7 million)
  • Strong operating performance with improvements in all key figures
  • Further increase in revenues, earnings and asset volume expected for fiscal year 2019

Aves One AG, a strongly growing logistics asset holder, can look back on arecord year. According to preliminary figures (unaudited), sales revenues in fiscal year 2018 increased by around 45 % to EUR 77.4 million (previous year: EUR 53.4 million). At the same time, EBITDA rose from EUR 29.1 million to EUR 54.6 million - an increase of around 88%. This means that both revenue and EBITDA are within the forecast ranges. The EBT adjusted for exchange rate effects in the financial result of EUR 5.3 million developed even better (previous year: EUR -15.7 million). Aves One thus made a sustained leap into the profit zone for the year as a whole. Unadjusted EBT amounted to EUR 13.7 million (previous year: EUR -37.3 million). The significant revenue and earnings increase in the 2018 financial year are the result of the strong operating performance and the significant expansion of the asset portfolio at relatively constant fixed costs. The acquisition of around 4,400 freight cars from the NACCO Group at the beginning of October 2018, among other things, increased the asset volume significantly year-on-year from EUR 448 million to more than EUR 810 million. The capacity utilisation in the Rail and Container segments rose to 96 % and 98 % respectively.

"We successfully continued our dynamic growth course in 2018 and fully achieved our goals. In the promising market of rail logistics, we were able to significantly expand our market position and are now close to the billion mark in terms of total asset volume. In addition, we achieved important successes at the operating level and further expanded and optimized our portfolio. We intend to continue our growth course in the current financial year and further increase our profitability. I think we are on the right track", explains Jürgen Bauer, CEO of Aves One AG

Further increase in Group revenue and EBITDA expected for 2019
For the 2019 financial year, the Management Board expects revenue and EBITDA to continue to develop positively and plans to increase the asset volume over the course of 2019 to more than one billion euros. The sales and earnings forecast will be specified when the final figures for 2018 are published in April of this year.