Corporate News – 12 February 2019

Aves One AG further expands its portfolio by acquiring swap bodies with a volume of EUR 17 million

Aves One AG, a strongly expanding investor in the field of long-life logistics assets, has acquired approx. 2,000 swap bodies with a volume of around EUR 17 million in several transactions in recent weeks. The acquisitions include around 1,200 brand-new swap bodies, which are mostly leased to the Hamburg logistics company Hermes Germany GmbH (Hermes). After the basic lease term of five years has expired, Hermes can exercise an extension option for a further period of five years. Aves One has thus expanded its swap body portfolio to around 7,800 swap bodies.

"We are pleased that we have won Hermes, among others, an extremely creditworthy tenant for our new assets," says Jürgen Bauer, CEO of Aves One AG. "In view of the high capacity utilization of swap body manufacturers and the sustained growth of the courier, express and parcel market, we expect demand to continue rising strongly. We are open to expanding our business relationships with renowned market players such as Hermes," continues Bauer