Corporate News – 16 May 2018

Aves One buys another swap bodies portfolio for EUR 2 million

Aves One AG (Aves) has further enlarged its swap bodies portfolio. A total of 631 used transport containers with an investment volume of around EUR 2.0 million has been acquired. All the swap bodies are leased to reputable parcel and freight services providers in Germany. With its current holding of nearly 6,000 units, Aves is already among Europe’s biggest portfolio holders in the highly fragmented swap bodies rental market. Experts estimate the total European swap bodies fleet to be around 310,000 transport containers.

Aves plans further significant enlargement of the swap bodies portfolio in the next few years, since these transport containers are greatly in demand in the logistics market and this growth market promises strong long-term development. They allow hirers maximum flexibility because they can be accommodated and transported by various tractor units without using a crane.

By leasing swap bodies, Aves is operating in the so-called Courier, Express & Parcel market (CEP market), one of the fastest-growing segments within the logistics sector. The main reason for this sustained upturn is the trend towards ordering via the Internet. CEP service providers in Germany increasingly frequently deliver ordered goods within even as little as a few hours, which will further accelerate the incentive to buy through the Internet.

Experts forecast unchecked growth for the CEP sector in the coming years. Driven by online trading, the four billion shipments per year mark is expected to be already exceeded in 2021, equivalent to 13 million consignments per delivery day. The majority of this, about 80%, is attributable to the transport of parcels.

Aves Management Board member Jürgen Bauer explains: “Swap bodies are one of the most attractive investments in Aves One’s asset portfolio, and have above-average growth opportunities. Therefore we will also examine future options, and will enlarge our swap bodies portfolio further.”