Corporate News – 08 February 2018

EUR 13.8 million financing arrangement signed with UniCredit Leasing GmbH

Aves One AG continues to expand bank financing as a proportion of its total loan portfolio. Freight wagons with a total volume of EUR 13.8 million have now been financed in this way by UniCredit Leasing GmbH, a subsidiary of UniCredit Bank AG.

The loan contract runs for a total term of 8 years and carries an interest rate significantly below Aves One AG’s average borrowed capital interest rate (around 4.3% as of end September 2017). Jürgen Bauer, a Member of the Aves One AG Management Board, explains: “As already announced, we aim to achieve a further considerable reduction in interest costs. Financing with UniCredit Leasing GmbH is a next step in the direction we announced.”