Market Environment


Liberalisation has had a strong impact on the European market for rail freight transport. The leasing companies have almost doubled their market share in the last ten years. Most state-owned railway companies are focussing on renting rail wagons instead of investing in their own freight wagons and in the rail network and passenger transport. We therefore anticipate that the rental market for freight and tank wagons will continue to grow disproportionately in the coming years. This opens up attractive opportunities for Aves One to expand its Rail portfolio and further increase its market share.

Aves One company information – Eco-friendly mobility by rail (German)

Swap Body

A swap body is an exchangeable load carrier with four fold-out support legs that can be used flexibly and transported on different carrier vehicles. The main customers include logistics companies from the so-called courier, express and parcel market (CEP market). One of the main growth drivers continues to be increasing online trading. In the course of this, the demand for logistics equipment that we provide in the form of swap bodies is increasing.