With a broadly diversified portfolio of more than 11,000 freight and tank wagons as well as more than 9,000 swap bodies, Aves One is one of the most important European market players. The current value of our assets amounts to over 800 million euro and makes us one of the leading stockholders of logistics assets with a focus on the rail segment. We have a broad tenant base ranging from major state railways to industrial and logistics companies. Rail


Our modern freight and tank wagon portfolio is perfectly tailored to the needs of the loading industry. The Aves One fleet comprises more than 11,000 freight wagons of all conceivable types of use with a value of over 730 million euro. Chemicals, bulk goods such as coal or iron ore, as well as wood, steel goods or even entire containers can easily be transported from A to B with our wagons.

Tenants can choose from flat, intermodal, box, tank and diverse other wagons with various specifications. About one third of them are younger than ten years, the average age is around 16 years. In view of a normal service life of around 45 years, we have one of the most modern fleets in Europe. This is one of the reasons why our wago enjoy stable demand. Thanks to the high occupancy rate, we achieve constant cash flows and generate predictable earnings.

Aves One's freight wagon fleet is broadly diversified

Flat wagon

Transported goods inculde beams, slabs, tracks, pallets, pipes, logs and bars.

Intermodal wagon

Transported goods include containers, complete truck trailers and swap bodies.

Box wagon

Transported goods include building materials, ores, wood, coal, coke, scrap, stones and sugar beet.

Bulk freight wagon

Transported goods include quicklime, fertilizer, cereals, gypsum, limestone, kaolin and sand.

Tank wagon

Transported goods include chemical products, gaseous products and mineral oil products.

Coil transport wagon

Transported goods include steel strip coils and steel wire coils as raw product.

Sliding-wall wagon

Transported goods include electrical appliances, consumer goods, pallets and white goods.

Other wagon

Transported goods include waste containers, containers for lignite dust and pellets.

Swap bodies

A swap body is an exchangeable load carrier with four fold-out support legs that can be used flexibly and transported on different carrier vehicles. The main customers include logistics companies from the so-called courier, express and parcel market (CEP market). One of the main growth drivers continues to be increasing online trading. In the course of this, the demand for logistics equipment that we provide in the form of swap bodies is increasing.

Swap bodies

Transported goods are in particular postal items.
Tenants are mainly logistics service providers such as DHL, DPD, Hermes Euro and Hellmann WWL.