We take responsibility

With its sustainable business model, Aves One AG, as asset owner of durable logistic assets with a focus on freight wagons, contributes both to the growth of rail freight transport and to the achievement of global climate targets. Aves One thus combines social responsibility with economic success.

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Aves One AG has calculated its greenhouse gas emissions for the year 2019 according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol for the first time and is determining these on an ongoing basis. In addition to the calculation of operational emissions, the company has identified its emission reduction potential and initiated various measures for further reduction. For example, greenhouse gas emissions in 2021 have already been reduced by more than 40% compared to 2019. In addition, Aves One AG has set itself the goal of reducing its corporate carbon footprint by two-thirds in 2030 compared to 2019.

In order to further reduce its carbon footprint and exemplify social responsibility, CO2 equivalents (CO2e) for the years 2020 and 2021 amounting to 492.124 t CO2e have been offset by supporting a climate project in the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. By offsetting its operational emissions, Aves One AG is is climate-neutral for the years 2020 to 2022 and will also be climate-neutral for the year 2023.

The hydro-power project in the Virunga National Park harnesses the flows of the Rutshuru River to generate sustainable energy in the small Matebe hydro-power plant. With an output of 13 megawatts, the plant generates clean electricity for households and small businesses. The population has an alternative to expensive kerosene and to traded charcoal. Approximately four million inhabitants thus receive access to electricity for the first time. In addition, the hydro-power plant provides electricity for street lighting in the surrounding villages, thus ensuring greater safety after dark.

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On track to the climate goal

Transport by rail is comparatively environment and climate friendly, as rail emissions are demonstrably many times lower than those from road transport, aviation and shipping. This makes it one of the most sustainable forms of freight and passenger transport. With its increasing focus on the rail segment, Aves One is making a significant contribution to the growth of national and international rail freight. It contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. Sustainable transport promotes SDG Goal 11, "Sustainable Cities and Communities". At the same time, it also contributes to the climate goals of the European Union, which aims to be climate neutral by 2050, for example.

Here you will find our current market study "The Railways lead to the climate goal" (German)


Responsibility for collaborative interaction

For Aves One, assuming social responsibility and good corporate governance are decisive parameters in the holistic sustainability approach. Employees are valuable and an essential part of the company. Therefore, the company pays special attention to fair working conditions, safety at work, equal opportunities, flat hierarchies and open communication structures. It invests in the satisfaction, health and care of its employees. Thus, fair conditions at the workplace, appropriate remuneration and regular feedback meetings with superiors are obligatory. Regular team events strengthen social interaction and cooperation.

Social commitment

At the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), around 600 children with cancer are treated as inpatients and outpatients every year. Aves One AG supports the hospital's "Knack den Krebs" campaign.

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Responsible corporate governance

From the history of a long-time listed company, Aves One AG feels obliged to be particularly transparent towards its stakeholders. The company sees corporate governance as continuous process and is committed to the German Corporate Governance Code. It furthermore acts responsibly, with foresight and sustainably.

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