The fields of activity

Rail Equipment

The Aves One invests in different types of rail cars with an average service life of up to 45 years. The freight cars are leased to large industrial companies and public companies. The leasing and management of railway wagons is carried out by external managers who have decades of experience in the freight transport.


Deregulation has strongly influenced the market for freight transport by rail. The market share of leasing companies has almost doubled in the last 10 years, the freight wagon fleet is getting old and replacement investments are necessary. These trends are further amplified by the noise and pollution thoughts of the Federation ("from the road to rail" and “CO2 Footprint”) and offer investment potential which the Aves One would like to use.

Container Equipment

The Aves One invests in different types of sea containers with a useful life of up to 15 years. The containers are rented to the world's largest shipping companies (for example, Hapag-Lloyd, Evergreen or Maersk). The rental and management around the container assume external managers for Aves One, who have decades of experience in container management.


Unlike the decline in shipping markets, the market for container is still a growing market. Operators need to focus on their core business, namely the operating of ships and leave the management around the container boxes to leasing companies. These in turn require investors like the Aves One AG to buy the equipment.

The development of prices of new sea containers is cyclical and varies in a range between $ 1,300 and $ 2,950 since of 2003. The average new construction price for a 20 foot standard container is $ 2,059 (since 2003). Currently, there is the new construction price at the lower end of the corridor, which means challenging market conditions for long-term and large market participants. This in turn provides opportunistic and countercyclical entry opportunities for Aves One.

Resale Equipment

The Aves One invests in former shipping containers and new containers with a useful life of up to 15 years. Afterwards these containers will be rented and sold in the resale market, which is also called the secondary market. These utilisation mainly takes place in three areas:

1. As storage containers on land

2. by slight modifications of the container as office, accommodation or building site containers or

3. in his original mind as transport containers for short or one-way routes at sea or on land.


The total volume of the resale market of about 16.2 million TEU has grown over the last 5 years stable at a CAGR of around 7%. The continuous and stable sales of the "first" to the "second container Life" show (in 2015 approx. 1.5 million TEU), that the demand for used containers remains high and the high number of additions from the "first life" are needed. The secondary use of used shipping containers in the resale market can almost double the life of the sea containers. The rental and management of Resale container is carried out by external container managers who have decades of experience in the secondary market.

Special Equipment

In the area of the Special Equipment Aves One invests in niche markets for logistics equipment. Niche markets are characterized, for example, by above-average returns, relatively small market size or from a small number of market participants. The Aves One invests in tank containers and swap bodies with a useful life of up to 12 to 20 years.


For the tank container market a growth of about 7.6% per annum is expected until 2018. Tank containers are i.a. rented by large chemical companies. The rental and management of tank containers is carried out by external container managers who have years of expertise.



"We have set ourselves ambitious targets and strive beside growth through acquisitions and organic growth for an extension of the value chain and increase profitability. By 2020, the total portfolio is expected to increase to a value of more than one billion euros."


Peter Kampf, Jürgen Bauer & Henrik Christiansen
Management Board Aves One AG